Canadian Walmart credit card

The Walmart Rewards MasterCard is a credit card available to all Canadian citizens that allows customers to build up rewards just for using the card in and out of the store. Find out more here:

Bonuses, Benefits & Pros:

Redeeming Your Rewards To redeem any rewards earned on your account, it can be done in a couple of steps. Go to any cash register in any Canada Walmart store and make sure you have a minimum of $5 in rewards on the card. You can redeem the rewards in increments of $5 and the rewards don't have an expiration date when they're earned.

All of this sounds great and earning rewards is nice and easy while you shop, but what about the cons?

Canadian Walmart Credit Card Cons

Competition Depending on your credit, there's plenty of great credit cards out there available to you ( The Capital One Aspire Cash MasterCard that offers a 19.8% interest rate and a 1% cash reward on all purchases for example. Most credit cards in Canada have no annual fee or average or low credit customers. Most of them also offer mile points for people who travel ( One of the best deals you can find is the SimplyCash Card from American Express. This card requires excellent credit but offers no annual fee and even a whopping 5% cash back reward system for all applicable purchases in Canada for the first 6 months.

Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO) strives to provide ideal working conditions for elementary teachers in Ontario. Every single elementary teacher that works in Ontario is a member of ETFO. ETFO wants to provide a work environment that's best for the teacher and this is done by bargaining for the best possible terms and conditions for their employment. ETFO also wants to provide social justice for all members through anti-poverty, equity, peace and non-violence. ETFO was founded on July 1, 1998 and was the predecessor for two organizations: The Ontario Public School Teachers' Federation and the Federation of Women Teacher's Association of Ontario. There are 76 locals in ETFO.

How It Works An annual meeting is held in August every single year. Every local must send at least two delegates and some locals may be required to send more based on the calculation of requiring one hundred and twenty local members. The purpose of these annual meetings is to elect an executive, to prioritize the focus and goals of the organization, go over budget cuts or raises, vote on resolutions for outstanding conflicts and other responsibilities that are brought up on a case by case basis.

Executive of ETFO consists of fourteen members that serve two year terms. The members consist of a president, a vice president, two additional vice presidents (one of these vice presidents must be a woman), an ETFO representative for the Ontario Teachers' Federation and any additional executive members required to have fourteen executive members. Four positions are currently only open to women. Sometimes, task forces or work groups are established to tackle certain issues and hot topics. The executive must establish these task forces and determine who is to serve on them.

Disability Compliance The ETFO has enforced the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act to ensure that all Ontario residents have a fair and equal chance for employment. Every business must comply the act and have at least one employee that covers the five accessibility standards for customer service. The point of this act is to make employment and tasks barrier free in the following areas: Customer service, information, transportation, built environment and employment. Staff must be trained to comply with the requirements of the AODA and pass a customer service standard. Staff must also be trained on how to interact with customers or persons that have various types of disabilities including speech. When staff encounters a person with an assistive device, they must also be able to proficiently interact and assist the person.

Awards - Annually, over one hundred thousand dollars is distributed among different Ontario member and community groups. Some example rewards are:

The Anti-Bias Reward: This reward recognizes those who strive to eliminate bias and teach practices that work towards that goal. This reward is worth $500.

The Arts and Culture Award: This reward is for those who get the classroom or community involved in cultural activities. This reward is worth $500.

There are 20 rewards in total and are picked at the executive and local level as to who receives the honor. The president of the local recognizes all winners through a written certificate. Some of the rewards however have a deadline of April 30th to be nominated or recognized.

The ETFO is a large organization that has done a lot of good for Ontario's public schools, the communities and they strive to do more in the upcoming years.